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So many people have been asking questions about how the changes to the European Resuscitation Council guideline on treating bleeding will affect their business...... read more

Safety Critical Medicals

If your staff complete safety-critical tasks, such as operating plant, many clients will insist they have a “fit for work” medical.   What’s to know?  ....  read more

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Rochdale Occupational Health Service Ltd is a company which aims to provide a confidential and specialist service in order to promote and maintain the health of those at work and to encourage a safe working environment.


YOUR WORKFORCE IS YOUR MOST PRECIOUS ASSET so it makes sense to take the best care of them - not just to comply with legislation, but also to inspire greater commitment, efficiency and productivity.


WHY THE NEED FOR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH?  Understanding the relationship between health and the workplace is fundamental to the success of your business. We can help you with this by tackling any health-related problems that might arise.


What’s more, with our comprehensive range of occupational health services, we can tackle the fundamental health issues to help you reduce sickness absence and create a healthier, more productive working environment.


Our occupational health service will deliver these benefits:


ROHS has over 50 years of experience and expertise to assess your requirements and help you implement an occupational health programme to fit your culture and business priorities.  

Whatever your needs, we tailor our service to your requirements and you can be confident you will be advised by highly experienced and knowledgeable health professionals.


As a registered charity we are a non-profit making organisation, re-investing all funds to improve and develop the Service.

Call us today to see how we can assist your company with its occupational needs.