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Sickness absence

If you want to get your staff back to work as quickly and safely as possible, early intervention is essential. Once an employee has been off sick for more than six weeks, the problem is often compounded and the chances of returning to work at all are significantly reduced.

Our skilled and experienced team will work with you, in the context of your business culture and with your business priorities in mind, to resolve even the most difficult and sensitive cases, where fitness to work is an issue.  With sickness and absenteeism costing British business over £11.6 billion each year, according to the Confederation of British Industry, it is not surprising that more and more organisations are taking action to control these costs.

Most organisations aim to promote and maintain a healthy workforce, but there are times when a referral to a Occupational Health Physician is essential to support the management of sickness absenteeism or the identification of work-related health problems.

The management of sickness/absence is primarily a management function. Companies should have in place an agreed policy on sickness/absence that is comparable with current legislation and is agreed by unions and/or employee representatives. It is important that within that policy there are clearly defined steps to be taken should you require the help of ROHS in assisting you to manage your sickness absence.

ROHS understands that employees who are absent through ill health, or whose health is affecting their performance can lead to extra demands on colleagues or the business.

ROHS also understands that managers would like some help in ascertaining if certain health problems can affect an employee’s ability to work, now or in the future.

For these reasons ROHS has developed a process that, when followed by all involved, will ensure medical information is available as soon as possible, and that communication between manager, employee and ROHS meets legal and professional standards.

It is important that management understands that ROHS plays an impartial and objective role in sickness absence management. We act as advisors both to the employer and employee and do not have an enforcing or disciplinary role to play.  Management must also be aware of and have respect for the issues of medical confidentiality and the Code of Professional Conduct that we work with.

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